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Saturday, July 17, 2010

where are my shoes friends?

Liz, Ben, and I swam in a shady lagoon surrounded by trees with faces, who's roots were the ground and who's roots were heads and mouths and arms
the roots were in the water and as I floated on my back every time I blinked I was reset
I kicked and pulled slowly on my back and every time I blinked the tree branches above me darted back a few feet and I wasn't moving across the water
the water was cold and the heat in the air was killing us
we sat on white rocks that looked and moved and were elephants in Dumbo
the sky was almost solid light from stars
coyotes or dogs sang to the moon
a raccoon greeted Liz
without a computer, Liz and I had chat roulette and said hello to some others who we knew knew us and who knew we were waving
I spilled beer from my mouth and drank with the ground. Liz spilled beer from her mouth onto the star patched on her shirt and we all drank and sang
We were overheating in the dark and started the car which was a spaceship when we stared at the dashboard and sat with Tom Waits as he told us jokes
then the car was a car and we laid in the tent but didn't sleep
we called Nathan and he found a waffle house online and we packed up camp at two am and put out the fire and drove to waffle house and met Nathan and he's going to live with me and Liz in our house that has a washing machine now and a clothesline but no trees or dirt hills or white rocks or raccoons

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