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Monday, March 26, 2012


Thanks to Laurie Gallardo of KUT, who featured us on Friday for Austin Music Minute! You can read the article HERE if you choose.

We had a lovely evening of music on Saturday at Cheer Up Charlies! The crowd was beautiful, and we were fortunate enough to be sandwiched between The Sweet Nuthin' and The Dalles, which makes for a delicious sandwich.

Here's a fun little write-up about the show by our new friend, Carter:

The set was intriguing. As they set-up, I noticed a banjo and tambourine being brought up onstage. Seeing those instruments being carried by a band with the name “family” in it, I assumed that I was in for some good-time folk music. And in hindsight, I’m not sure if the large, empty beer keg onstage supported that claim or not. Either wa
y, there was a little bit of folk influences in their music, but a whole slew of other stuff as well. There was dance-y Interpol-ish indie rock, heavy percussive sections, and light melodic stuff too... Read more HERE.

We love you!
The Baker Family

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