Tour Dates


Saturday, May 23, 2009


Last night (Thursday), The Baker Family Band performed simultaneously with about 100 other bands in Nashville, TN. Our venue happened to be called The Basement (not in a basement). We opened for the other two bands on the bill (Madi Diaz and The Champion and his Burning Flame). A few points of interest:

-An old woman born somewhere in the Far East was standing outside her house beside the empty lot in which we parked our trailer. She had cultivated every square foot of her yard that was not occupied by sidewalk. She was burning a pile of wood when we arrived, and was spreading out the ashes as we were preparing to play.

-After setting up the stage, Stu, Liz, Nathan, and Dave went upstairs to a (reportedly) awesome record store. I ate a lot of bread and played hackey sack. We convened around 9:30 for the opening ceremonies.

-The show was probably our most emotional so far. We donned fake moustaches on entering the stage- we wanted to take the music seriously, but not so much ourselves. It's not walking away with a bunch of fans impressed at Stu's guitar playing and Liz's singing. It's simply playing with no fear, filling up the venue (for 40 minutes, at least) with a warm love. We’ve posted the audio thanks to Dave’s portable recorder. Those songs are, for me and Stu, the first live recordings we have listened to without cringing at the difference between how we thought we sounded and how it actually sounded. The entire band blasted the two songs in the car and was happy for everything: the mistakes, the noise, but especially the energy and improvisation. We’re excited and more than ready for the rest of the tour.




  1. It's good to hear new textures in Old Civilizations, textures that aren't conscious of the "harmony," but still remain harmonic, but are mostly still primal sounds, and good also to hear new rhythmic accents in those same two measures.

    I like Ben's new dissonances throughout Clouds of Fire. That's the kind of guitar I try to play. The crescendo at the end is more dramatic than usual. More layered.

  2. Brother I miss you a lot.