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Monday, June 7, 2010

Find the Family

Where's the Bakers?

Darryl sighs in satisfaction after a meal in Chinatown

CPD recruits lions.

in a Milwaukee park by the woods by the lake

by the lake

In Madison
we met a young man named Cory,
who--with us--experienced listening to Radiohead,
and eating a tamale for the first time.
he chose a pokemon card from Darryl

at the venue, the trailer got stuck in a narrow alley,
but Ben worked it out with his trailer wizardry.
And all the people danced...
It was a cold night

Liz asked me before the show if I could grab the box of shirts.
they wouldn't be there
Ben and I checked
they weren't
Saint Louis mailed them to Cleveland today - - where we will meet the shirts on Wednesday
Madison and Chicago were awesome. Way beyond our expectations. A girl we met in Chicago, Ki, recorded our show at the Dark Room. The recordings actually didn't bum us we're posting a few of them soon.
The Melody Inn is tonight, a venue we've played and look forward to re-playing.

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