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Saturday, June 5, 2010

poison ivy arms

while shuffling 40 ft. off the ground,
we contracted the oils
that birthed the itching boils
that plague us

We just completed the first week of our Summer tour
7 shows already past

We started it off with Dallas and Denton and had a ball and a biscuit hanging out with the Sneed clan

Darryl spent his first day ever out of the great state of Texas in Little Rock, Arkansas, where we played White Water Tavern - - food, drinks, and poison ivy. Ben, Stuart, and Darryl climbed an abandoned bridge right outside the venue and rubbed up against some nasty nasty and spread it to the rest of the band.

then to Kansas City where we stayed with Jared, Heather, and Sprocket. thanks for the hospitality yall.

then St. Louis

then Milwaukee. packed show at the Y Not III. Nathan wants to move here.

Madison tonight.

Thanks everyone who's put us up so far - - friends and new friends

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  1. Hello Baker Family. Things have gone downhill ever since you left. I have gotten the fever and now I can't stop sweating and all I can think about is how much i miss all of you and also how i really want some oreos. I want to take those oreos and get all the frosting and make one large stuffed oreo. get it?

    These are things we can do when you get back. I am anxiously awaiting your return. Liz, you and I can also see the new Kristen Stewart movie when you come back.

    Stu, I hope you haven't lost my book. I'd hate to have to kill you.

    Nathan, I hope you haven't lost my Avett Brother's mix cd that you still haven't even given to me yet.

    Darryl and Ben, I'm sorry about all the poison ivy.