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Friday, November 19, 2010

Legion is Pregnant

We have some interesting new developments
Horse & Whales is comin' back home with some new boots, and Legion has some kind of growth... not sure yet if it's a fetus or a tumor. Can we show you?
After you get your annual fill of Tryptophan, come on out to Emo's for a birthday show!
Friday, Nov 26th: Northern Paradox birthday bash
w/ Muchos Backflips!
The Baker Family
Northern Paradox
9pm @ Emo's (603 Red River) Huzzzah!

Here's a little tasty somethin from tour:
Hallelujah in NJ

And LOOK! We made album of the month thanks to Dr. Elliot and Mosquitohead!
You can even get a special gift from the Doctor himself!

We are so thankful for friends like you,
Mama Baker

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