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Saturday, December 11, 2010

easy with that gun

nine stories

1 two magnanimous shows with mr. Gnome the other week. had a great time with all them who came out in Dallas and Austin.

2 Zechariah sing sing sing. mr. Baker lost his voice in Dallas, didn't speak all day in Austin, couldn't sing during the soundcheck at Ace's, and was given enough of his voice back to belt a set of songs in preparation for mr. Gnome.

3 and that cookout in Dallas...thanks Joey for hosting, grilling, and burning in the backyard. thanks John for the beer. thanks Michael for the bed.

4 John Digital's play at TCC Northwest campus , "The Nerd," a hit man, a hit. Brother can act, brother plays the Nerd too. running through the weekend too yall in Panther City.

5 Baker shows in Austin Dec. & Jan.

6 mr. Baker working on tour documentary (tbReleased in the [ ] future)

7 mr. and mrs. Baker moving to a new place Jan. 1

8 trying harder to listen to the wiser the older the truer at heart

9 coming to Asheville in February

*photos by Joe Haubert!/joseph.haubert

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