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Saturday, June 6, 2009

In a state of gluttony

Today finds the baker family in State College, PA on one of too many days off in a row.  For those of you that don't know Alex Sell, let me tell you - he is quite an asshole.  He cooks succulent meals that I often dream of for months after, he always has a seemingly endless supply of any sort of drink one would ever want, and he is accommodating to the point of absurdity.  
Basically, I don't want to leave this place.  
Cici's pizza was much preferable.  At least with Cici's, you're ready to leave after ten minutes or less.  I've known Alex for a few years now, and it almost seems like he's getting more and more generous all the time.  
Alex(ander) and his girlfriend Jess(ica) have hosted your baker family for the better part of two days now, and I'm getting just a little too comfortable here.  Sorry Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Philly, Chapel Hill, and Winston - I don't think I'm ever going to make it out of State College.  We're probably eating better than you are at this point.  I don't mean to belittle everyone else who has given us amazing food on the tour, but you'd have to pay a lot of money at a restaurant to eat this good.  

- David Barrett

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