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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Velvet Crayon

We're on the road now from Asbury Park NJ to Philadelphia. NYC: The Lit Lounge last Thursday, Sidewalk Cafe on Friday - - both downtown Manhattan - - fun shows with responsive crowds. After the shows, Liz, Ben, and I went camping in Farmingdale NJ, near Owen Thomas' and Mike Ackley's old stomping grounds. We camped for two nights, playing with music and fire. While David was brushing his teeth at his brother's apartment in Manhattan, and Nathan slept soundly at his aunt's house in Queens, we emptied a large container of lighter fluid on an already-blazing fire that lit up the 3 am woods and sky like a big hunk-uh-burning-love.
We all met up in Red Bank NJ on Tuesday at the Fixx to play a show. There, we met the booker who had put us on the bill (Ben), and ended up staying at his place by the ocean after mention of bountiful tequila. The apartment was roomy, comfortable, and cozy, and had a pristine view of the NJ shoreline from a large balcony. As the booze overflowed from our mouths, 4 am trips to the black ocean were made. I stood on the sand with the ocean knocking at my knees. I battled the idea of jumping into the dark sea to bodysurf a wave back to shore; with drowning being more likely, death was saved for a later time.
We spent Wednesday with Ben (NJ Ben) and went to a punk show at Asbury lanes, right accross from the Stone Pony. As we pulled up to the show, a fireworks display started right in front of us on the beach, so we walked closer until the smoke from the launching pad was in our nostrils. After the grand finale we went to the punk/metal show until midnight when we left for Ben's friend's apartment, also by the ocean (less than a block from Ben's place). Another tequila night ensued as Tracy and Ben refused to stop pouring shots. Another trip to the black ocean. Another "the sun is a'risin'" bedtime. I woke up at 2:15 pm, David looked at me and said do you want to go get chinese food and I said yes so we walked five blocks to main street and did.

And go to
We played a show with this guy in Ewing NJ. Eric he said his name was so I believed him and I hope he believed my name was Stuart because my parents gave me that name as I trust his did likewise.

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